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  1. Power Button Menu

    I'd like to request that the power button menu be accessible through the notification power widget. My N1's power button broke, and there aren't any 3rd party apps that do this directly (due to permission constraints)... But if this were built into CM7 via the android OS then it would probably work. Let me know if it isnt possible... I've been searching for a method for a while.
  2. My Nexus One's power button recently broke and I'm not satisfied with the alternatives on the market. Ideally what I'm looking for is an application/shortcut that bring up the Power Button menu when you long press it. If I could do that... I could us cyanogenmod to rebind that app to one of my softkeys (like search). I know you can create custom shortcuts to specific activities in Cyanogen but I can't find the activity for the Power Button menu. I even tried programming my own app that (on launch) simulated the Power Button's keycode being triggered...but I couldn't get it working. Are there any apps that do something like this out on the market? Or is there something I'm missing in Cyanogen mod that I can do this already?