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  1. App being killed. using native code.

    Anybody knows anything about this?? is it possible that something in the system is causing that??. am i totally wrong?? please some useful feedback..., thanks.
  2. Hi all. I'm developing an app that uses the Native Development Kit. the app runs ok on cyanogen and other systems but in cyanogenmod 6.0, when the app native heap runs up 16mb, the systems kills the process. i saw there is a setting for the VM heap. but this is the heap for the virtual machine allocating space on java side, android doesnt have a limit for native allocation, so i dont know if this is something that the cyanogen system is doing. if that is the case how can i change it? i appreciate any help to understand this better. I've done a lot of profiling and verification to be sure that it is not just some memory corruption being done by the app. as i said, the problem only happens when the app passes the 16mb.