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  1. I'll try that if I can get the phone booted back up. I think I may have hard bricked it while trying to update CWM... No recovery, no DL mode, nuttin.
  2. Howdy folks. Bit of an issue I'm hoping you can help out with. I have a Sprint Note 3 that I'm trying to install CM on. I downloaded the hltespr zip, transferred it to the phone, tried to install via recovery and I get an error message. "This package is for device: SM-N900P, htlespr; this device is htle". Now, I'm fairly sure I've been paying a Sprint phone bill for a while, so I'm kinda confused... I went ahead and tried the install with the "hlte" nightly, and it did install and function, but says "No Sim card" despite being able to make calls. In my "About Phone" menu I show the model number as "SM-N900P", hardware version "N900P.12", software version "N900PVPUCNC5". Anyone have any guidance? Many Thanks