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  1. Do Not Install New Nightly! (3/4/2014)

    Update: wiped my cache and reflashed and data is restored. All other problems the same.
  2. New nightly breaks the following: Mobile Data even with service States I have no SIM card All typea of connections are "roaming" Phone process constantly crashes Cannot make calls Cannot send texts Tried flashing back to an old nightly that worked before and got errors every two seconds making it unusable Please advise
  3. I don't believe there is a Stable version of CM11 for the HTC One yet. I'd go with Angelo's suggestion and just keep the 1224 nightly until you read of a more stable version. Nightlies are buggy by definition, you are running a test build every time you install a nightly.
  4. Try changing the Preferred Network Type to something else, then back to CDMA+LTE/EVDO to restore service. The 1226 is buggy but it does work on my device. Yes the 1226 likes to randomly reboot, sometimes in the middle of a call. I found this on another thread, perhaps it will be helpful to you Cyphen!
  5. Sim Card Locking

    I got this error message and was a bit confused by it to be honest. I'm fairly certain Sprint Phones don't even use SIM cards do they?
  6. Yessir, just used the included CM update tool and clicked the install icon next to the old Nightly file. I've used that method to go back and forth a few times. If I'm doing something wrong there let me know, but I was told moving forward/back between Nightlies was standard practice without wiping cache etc. If you've already deleted your old Nightly files you can just use WiFi to redownload them. Just to clarify, the last version with working mobile data is "Cyanogenmod 11-20131226-NIGHTLY-m7spr".
  7. I've had to revert back to 12-26-13 Nightly in order to get my Mobile Data connection back. Everything else worked fine on 12-29/12-30 but mobile data. Anyone know why this might happen? I tried a few tricks like selecting a different network type or enabling/disabling mobile data with no luck. (I'm on Sprint)
  8. Taking a class on Friday night doesn't seem to be very popular, this school is a ghost town. Easy parking for once.

  9. Broken links on the Wiki

    I'll donate towards setting up a new mirror, but the site now says "HDD FAILED, FILES LOST!".