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      I hate these types of posts, but its slowly becoming a necessity.

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      As for requests for new devices. Contrary to initial intent, the Unofficial Ports section has devolved into the go-to section for this. Overall, I'm fine with that. But do it there, not in this subforum, and if you do post there, chances are your device has been requested already, so search first!

      EDIT: There is now a new subforum for Device Requests under the Unofficial Ports forum. Please use that to request CM for devices (but make sure you check out the sticky first).

      Again, to be frank, the turn-around on requested device to supported status is probably at 5%. But if you want a place to ask, then do so there.

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Need Cyanogenmod For Sony Xperia E Dual

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Dear developers of the cyanogenmod, I recentrly bought the Sony Xperia E dual device which is runnning on ICS 4.0.4.. But I need the cyanogenmod 10.xx..pls any of the developer pls make me a great rom for my mobile..I hope any of the developer will come forward to make a rom for my device.. Actually i can't able to make a post generally outside anywhere..so only i made this here in the Sony live with walkman thread.....Sorry for that...

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This does not belong in this forum. I am moving this to the unofficial ports section.

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It will be great if launch soon. I'm hoping to time.

If you need a User to test'm provision shall.

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